Sunday, June 6, 2010

Special order by Ah Jeet

Scarlet in spring

Electric Blue

Friday, May 14, 2010

Metamorphosis part 2.....

Large amethyst earrings
E04801 - RM20

Sunburst earrings
E04301 - RM6.00

Snakey pearls

Artistik Gunmetal wire handtwisted (like the mind) with freshwater pearls (irregular shape)
N14301 - RM56.00

Especially for Shal
N03901 - Priceless (coz it is for a dear and brainy and zany and good-hearted and smarty-pants friend)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Metamorphosis of the potato fingers.... hopefully!

After several jewelry-making classes (Whimsical n quirky aka Mas is the true sifu!), Beadsybody proudly presents some items made from miraculously stolen time from LOADS of work piling up in the office.....

Pearl Waves
Acrylic silver pearls with silver-plated Artistik Wire
B13301 - RM18.00 [sold]

Acrylic cream pearls with bare copper Artistik Wire
B16301 - RM18.00

Wire magic
Round pearl shell beads with painstakingly hand-woven wire pattern (silver-plated Artistik Wire
N16301 - RM35.00 [sold]

Adjustable cord necklace
N14301 - RM15.00

Berrylicious pearl bracelet
Ensemble of cream, pink and red irregular faux pearls
B05301 - RM20.00

Can you handle the blues?
Cobalt blue acrylic beads with bare copper wires
B02301 - RM12.00

Purpley swirley
Gunmetal wire swirls with amethyst round crystals
B14901 - RM22.00

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Orb bla di orb bla da ....

Topaz crystal orbs
E14901 - RM8.00

Squiggly faux pearl orbs
E16101 - RM7.00

Not so orby, turquoise filigree
E01405 - RM7.00 (sold)

Gone loopy...

Earthy tones
E14601 - RM9.00

Starry baubles
E04901 - RM8.00

Flower power!

Fuchsia roses - make the ears pop really!
E04603 - RM7.00

Simple is best, no?
E01403 - RM7.00

Two no enough? Give you four then....
E01404 - RM7.00

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More colour this time?

Ain't no sour grapes.....

E02501 - RM10.00 (sold!)

E09501 - RM10.00 (sold!)

Leafy is good for you....
E04501 - RM7.00

E04502 - RM6.00

E11802 - RM8.00

Stacking them up....
E10801 - RM6.00

E11081 - RM6.00

Slim angel Emeralda
E03901 - RM8.00

Amethyst angel Rubenesca

E04601 - RM13.00 (sold, can be remade)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The bold and the beautiful

E03801 - RM9 [sold] 

E07801 - RM7

E04401 - RM7

E05401 - RM8 [sold]

E08401 - RM8

E08402 - RM9

Friday, March 19, 2010

Winged beauties

Butterflies and dragonflies - lovely!

E01401 - RM7 [sold]

E01402 - RM7 [sold]

E04402 - RM8

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Funky bunch earrings - not made by me

These are not hand-made (not by me anyway), but pretty funky stuff!


Funky silver danglies - RM13 each